CORUS Information Pack

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Welcome to CORUS. This data kit provides an overview of the features of CORUS.

CORUS is a next-generation collaboration platform that runs in your internet browser and on your iPhone and iPad. It is built upon open-source software incorporating leading-edge technologies in a powerful yet simple interface. For the technically minded, CORUS is written in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and runs on Linux using Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Login to a live demo account at using the following credentials.

Username: Password: user

What is Collaboration?

Our take on collaboration.


CORUS Testimonials

Organisations talk about their CORUS experiences.


CORUS features

These six videos demonstrate the CORUS features and functionality.

Homepage tour

How to create a topic and add contacts

File management

Sharing calendar events

Sharing Bookmarks

Managing Contacts

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